About temporary villages

Four temporary accommodation villages have been established in the areas of Kaiapoi, Rawhiti and Linwood. These were set up by the Government to help meet increasing demand for short term rental housing after the Canterbury earthquakes. Kaiapoi and Linwood villages were established in August 2011 and Rawhiti Domain village in July 2012. Rangers Park was opened in September 2013.

Temporary accommodation in the villages is for householders (both homeowners and people in rented accommodation) whose homes are uninhabitable and need suitable rental accommodation while their house or land is repaired or rebuilt.

Households who want to reside in the villages or Rangers Park must intend to return to their home once it is repaired or rebuilt, or intend to remain in Canterbury if red zoned.

To register please fill in an assessment form online. Alternatively, you can call 0800 673 227 for assistance (Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm).

Fill in the assessment form online

The villages

The units at the temporary villages look like small houses, and come in various sizes from one to four bedrooms. Kaiapoi Village has 22 units, Rawhiti 20 units and Linwood 42 units.

Temporary accommodation is also available at the Rangers Park subdivision in Linwood. Rangers Park consists of 40 permanent homes which were built to initially provide temporary accommodation for households while their repair/rebuild takes place. These homes will be sold on the market once demand for temporary accommodation in Canterbury has reduced.

The villages are designed to give each occupant as much space as possible. Green spaces have been left free for recreation and communal areas. Residents are able to park vehicles outside their dwelling. Pets are allowed, in most situations.  Some units have high level of accessibility and usability for people with disabilities or mobility issues.  There are also some partially furnished units.

Depending on what is available at the time, people will be offered accommodation on sites as close to their own communities as possible.

To view the pictures of the units at the Linwood and Kaiapoi villages:

Download pictures of the one bedroom unit home - 39m2

Download pictures of the two bedroom unit home - 64m2

Download pictures of the three bedroom unit home - 83m2

Download pictures of the four bedroom unit home - 103m2  

Where are the villages located?

Kaiapoi Village

Linwood Village

Rangers Park

Rawhiti Village

General information about the Temporary Accommodation Villages at Kaiapoi Domain, Rawhiti Domain and Linwood Park

Download the fact sheet that provides general information about the villages

General information about the Temporary Accommodation at Rangers Park

Download the fact sheet on the Rangers Park Housing Development

Specific information for tenants prior to moving into the temporary villages

Download the fact sheet for tenants who are moving into the villages

Linwood Park Village Site

Download the Linwood Park Village Site Plan

Kaiapoi Domain Village Site

Download the Kaiapoi Domain Village Site Plan

Rawhiti Domain Village Site

Download the Rawhiti Domain Village Site Plan

Rangers Park Village Site

Download the house plans for Rangers Park

Download the site plans for Rangers Park

Evaluation of the Canterbury Temporary Villages

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment undertook an evaluation of the relevance and effectiveness of the temporary villages from the perspective of tenants and key stakeholders in late 2012.

The evaluation found that the villages provide a relevant and effective service to displaced residents with property damage resulting from the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. This report presents key learnings about the development and operation of the temporary village initiative.

Download the full evaluation of the Canterbury Temporary Villages